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Be A 3C Franchisee
Why should you be a franchisee 3C?
The 3C advantage. A company poised to take the country by storm and aiming to become a global player. Not just human resources, but a super market offering a basket of other services. Demand is booming. In spite of occasional slow downs, this is a promising business model. The organized Indian HR market alone is in the order of Rs.600 crores, growing at over 15% and doubling every five years. A huge network of offices, access to huge data, partners, technology, and opportunities. Make the best of this. Come and be a partner in the progress.

What do you get from franchisee 3C?
The 3C advantage. A durable brand name. Professional advice and training. Access to vast expertise, services of a pool of professionals from virtually all domains and verticals, and best use of industry knowledge. Valuable contacts with industry, institutions, engineering colleges and other b-schools, global contacts, training, access to data bank, tools and technology, and sharing the benefits of a vast network of offices. Prestige and a durable profession. Imbibing qualities like speed, focus, sharpness, customer centricity, rubbing shoulders with global personalities and companies. All of these resulting in handsome financial returns.

What is the bonus offer from franchisee 3C?
The 3C range of services. A franchisee just not looks after the human resources market, but has additional optional opportunities of representing 3C in all the services we provide – Student Counseling, Marketing Services, Corporate Services, Translation Services, Vaastu consultancy et al .

What should you invest in franchisee 3C?
Total commitment. A fire in the belly. An undying urge to make it big. Coupled with honesty, sincerity and transparency. A partner-centric attitude. A passion to win. An attachment to quality. Ethics in dealings. A decent office measuring at least 500 sft (expandable depending on business growth) in a prominent locality with well done interiors, telephone/fax, internet, and some valuable business contacts (preferred but not essential). Financial capability to invest in business needs, working expenses and other infrastructure. The one time franchisee fee, depending on the city, the area of operation, the basket of services chosen, the potential available and the constitution of the franchisee firm.

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